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Dirk-Jan and Laurens at Jac. Oudijk – cutting edge of technology for sustainability


With the current economic situation and inflation, several growers have unfortunately taken the grave decision to cease production, to stop for the winter, or to considerably reduce their product quantities.


A terrible situation resulting from the sharp increase in gas prices, gas being the means by which many growers heat their production greenhouses.
Whether it’s the world of plants or flowers, growers are all affected at the same level. However, some producers have implemented alternatives to solve this problem, and others already had adapted equipment.



We went to visit Dirk-Jan and Laurens at Jac. Oudijk, which is the benchmark farm at the cutting edge of technology in terms of sustainability and equipment. These growers place great importance on infrastructure.


During our visit, we were able to see the amount of LED lights installed in the greenhouses; these LEDs diffuse a pink light that allows the flowers to grow properly.

The LEDs act in accordance with the exterior brightness, in line with product requirements, but this system is also connected to the electricity rate and is updated every 15 minutes.

If the rate is too high, the LEDs are not switched on, which prevents the grower consuming at a loss.


For example, in the morning before 09:00, the LEDs and other lights are switched on in the greenhouses, because this is the time of day during which the rate is most stable and not so high.

More than 1,200 solar panels installed on the hangars (which could be compared to the quantity of kWh consumed by 100 households every year) also allow for major savings.


However, that’s not all. “DryGair” dehumidifiers play an important role on this farm.
In fact, these dehumidifiers improve the climate in the greenhouses, because they treat the air in the greenhouse during cultivation without needing air from outside. All the energy remains inside the greenhouse, and so there is no heat loss.



This efficient dehumidification method guarantees energy savings of 40% on gas consumption and thus contributes to sustainable horticulture.
Adding the double-screen blinds installed on the glass allows for saving up to 75% energy in winter.



Jac. Oudijk is betting on modern methods and cutting-edge technology for sustainable culture and thanks to this equipment it can supply large quantities and high-quality products all year round.


An assortment of products that are in our offer every day, including our favourite of the month, Noï, available from this autumn, a wonderful addition to the grower’s range. And a pretty name for this new edition, named after the grower Laurens’ daughter; in July Noï turned one and it was also in July that the crop was planted in order to offer us these beautiful flowers in the autumn.