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Dekker Chrysanten – Kiku Nova


Last week, Dekker Chrysanten presented a true breakthrough in the world of chrysanthemums.
Kiku Nova is a completely new segment within the chrysanthemum family, developed and produced directly by Dekker Chrysanten.


Kiku Nova gets its name from Japanese culture.
The Inkan is a specific type of stamp that is still very important within this culture.
By using this stamp, a person links his or her name to official documents, confirming their authenticity.
Likewise, with Kiku Nova you can put your personal stamp on every flower arrangement that comes out of your hands.


Kiku Nova is grown under optimum conditions, placing the emphasis on a cultivation process that is kind to the environment and to nature.
Consequently, the use of LED lighting contributes to minimizing energy consumption, water and heat are recycled, and a selection of natural enemies are used to combat diseases and parasites.


Thanks to the shape of its blooms and the length of its stem, Kiku Nova is a unique segment within the chrysanthemum family.
By combining flowers of different lengths, you can add depth and dimension to your bouquet.
As a result, using Kiku Nova leads to harmony in every floral composition.


Geisha is the first chrysanthemum to be marketed under the Kiku Nova segment.
Geisha is a white, single-flowered Kiku Nova, which is also very suitable for colouring.
Like every variety from the Kiku Nova segment, Geisha is further characterised by its palmate-shaped inflorescence, its multitude of flowers per branch and unique stem length.
Choose Geisha and you will be amazed by her beauty! And what do you think?


Discover the presentation of this new range in images;