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Post Valentine’s Day


We hope that Valentine’s Day went well for you and your team, that you enjoyed the preparative work and that your sales went as planned. It was a different Valentine’s Day this year; we had higher prices than in previous years, due to the price increase that are now affecting many sectors and everyday products in general.


What’s more, there were a lot of orders and not enough offers from growers, so not enough products. But happily, the wide choice of flowers allowed for having alternatives and making this celebration an unforgettable moment for your customers. Prices for some products have not reduced over the last few days, as in fact International Women’s Day (or IWD) is approaching. So there’s no rest after Valentine’s Day, it’s time to prepare for the next celebration. International Women’s Day, Grandmother’s Day in France and Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom are all coming up. The office is buzzing! And you can contact your sales rep as of now to discover the offers that are being put in place, depending on the celebrations that concern you. Good luck and good sales to you all.


Dave, our buyer, went to our grower Buitelaar, a tulip farmer located in ’s-Gravenzande, just a few kilometres from our office. On site, he could see production and as you can see from these few photos, the greenhouses were full, and production was in full swing.


Furthermore, and talking of tulips, one of the most well-known and unmissable attractions in the Netherlands, the Keukenhof Park will finally reopen its doors, as of 24 March and until 15 May 2022.


In 2021, the park should have opened, but unfortunately it was only authorized to open for six days and then remained shut due to the lockdown.


So, preparations for the 2022 opening are in full swing. The seven million flower bulbs have been planted and the most beautiful spring garden in the world is once again ready to welcome the public!


In these cold, grey days, awaken your customers’ senses, enjoy spring fragrances and turn your back on winter, whether with a soft scent, or even an intense one like hyacinth. Furthermore, it is proven that aromas have a positive effect on the brain. So, a bunch of spring flowers will certainly provide a good dose of positive energy.


8 March is International Women’s Day (or IWD), a day highlighting the fight for women’s rights and in particular reducing gender inequality.


It’s a day that is celebrated in many countries, and of course flowers are associated with it and offered to women. In Russia, where 8 March is a public holiday, men use flowers to show their gratitude to all the women who brighten their everyday lives. Flower sales are doubling, and over the last few days we are experiencing an increase in shipments and quantities of products heading to Russia; with flowers and plants, this March day will be in full bloom.


This year, the theme of the IWD 2022 campaign is #BreakTheBias. You can also take the IWD 2022 stand and share your #BreakTheBias image, video, presentation or articles on social media using the hashtags #IWD2022 and #BreakTheBias.