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New Chrysanthemum!


Despite being the last week of February, there were practically no excesses, no bidding up and no cancelled orders on the books.
The escalation of the war and the scale of the human catastrophe is also affecting our sector, many producers have significantly reduced their yield, and the preparations and orders for eastern countries are also being cancelled.


In the weeks preceding International Women’s Day, we were confronted with very high prices.
Yet in direct flows, the volume clearly decreased last week, compared to the same time last year, whereas on the books it will remain a little more stable this week.
However, we are now seeing a drop in the price of chrysanthemums, especially the varieties that are much prized in the eastern countries.


On 8 March, International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe, and especially in the Ukraine and Russia, where women traditionally receive beautiful flowers from men and women.
However, this year was different.
Millions of women are fleeing the war in the Ukraine, in hiding, or sending their sons into combat.


Flowers have been solving problems for hundreds of years, from family arguments to fights over forgotten anniversaries.
Unfortunately, flowers cannot resolve a war.
However, we can use flowers to raise awareness and draw attention to all women who find themselves in an unwanted war.


We are therefore asking you and your clients to post a photo of your flowers on social media with the hashtag #flowersforwomeninwar, in order to support all women who need it at this time.


This is an initiative by Emmeke Huizinga-Vierhout (Kischenzi Agriculture) and John Elstgeest (Flower Circus), who have lived in the Ukraine for years with their respective families and work in the agricultural sector.

Flowers bring us a bit of comfort in these times; with their purity, their colour and their meaning, flowers bring sunshine into our hearts.

And with its little groups of fan-shaped flowers, the stunning waxflower (from its Latin name Chamelaucium) puts us in a good mood.
A pretty, airy and, as its name suggests, waxy plant, a specific feature indicating that the plant is rich in essential oils.


Head to the fields of one of our growers to feast the eyes and find out more about how they are produced.
You can find our wide assortment with a daily selection of different colours, including products from the range by our grower Peleg Yair.
This grower is based in Israel.

Production in Israel extends until the end of June, and then the seasons starts in South Africa and Peru, continuing until the end of October/November, so you can enjoy this beautiful product for months.


Today we are going to show you a new variety of chrysanthemum, which will also provide us with a colourful, positive and festive atmosphere.
Dare to be “groovy” with this new pink chrysanthemum.
The abundant, dancing flower petals and its strong, robust stems make this a sumptuous flower.


Either as a sole stem or in bouquets, or even mixed compositions, this flower stands out from its peers.
But what variety is it? This is a ballerina chrysanthemum; this new flower is bred by Dummen Orange and is grown by Cornelis Jan Flowers.


Cornelis Jan Flowers is a grower located in Gameren, in the province of Gelderland, that has been cultivating a select number of highly-resistant chrysanthemum varieties for over 25 years.
Cornelis Jan Flowers has an extremely modern nursery, with a total activity area of some 65,000 m2.


With its team of 20 enthusiastic employees, products of high quality only are delivered day after day to the various Flora Holland auctions.
The range from this producer is adapted to the seasons and the colour selection process is of course determined by market demand.
Consequently, this new chrysanthemum brings us an original colour, and this soft and intense pink is perfect for colourful creations and for adding a touch of zing to your bouquet and for your clients.


In association with Dummen Orange, we want you to discover the infinite possibilities of this chrysanthemum.
Our buyer, was won over by its large number of petals and its colour; it will find a perfect place in bouquets, so it’s time to dance and also to prepare for Mother’s Day with this magnificent ballerina chrysanthemum.


GET INTO THE GROOVE!! We’re waiting on your feedback! Don’t hesitate to send us photos of your creations with this chrysanthemum.

Good luck in the coming weeks with helping lots of people to express themselves with flowers.