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Lathyrus …. Start Of The Season




Head for the greenhouses of our grower Lathyrus.nl to start the season.
In red, red-orange, lilac, mauve, white or cream, and even a few two-tone variants, this pretty flower from the Fabaceae family boasts at least 100 varieties in colours to make your heart melt.
Whether for its beauty or its enveloping perfume, this flower has a place of honour at weddings.


So it’s a delight to find this beauty in our assortment.
In boxes or in water, find the beautiful lathyrus and its various colours every day, in our stock or on the order list.


Wans Roses


Our buyer also went to Straelen in Germany, to visit our grower famous for its magnificent roses, Wans Roses.


Wans Roses has been producing cut roses since 1975, and the third generation is currently running this family company.In the beginning, a variety of cut flowers were produced, but since 2001 they have been fully specializing in the production of roses, and in 2011 they specialized in unusual rose varieties, in particular varieties that look like the English garden rose.


The Wans Roses production area is in the Niederrhein region of Germany, in a modern greenhouse measuring 42,500 m².


The production volume from this grower is approximately 5.6 million roses per year, which are distributed through auctions in Germany and here in the Netherlands.
Their offer currently comprises 32 different rose varieties, which are all characterized by a particularly good quality and durability.


A complete offer that you can find in our offer throughout the season.
And you can therefore enjoy and have your clients benefit from these incredible roses.