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Rose Growers


Our rose buyer, travelled even further to visit one of our rose growers.


In fact, he went to Rosen Ruland in Duisburg-Rahm, Germany.
This grower produces cut roses outdoors, on an area covering some 130,000 m².
These roses grow wonderfully thanks to the balanced climate in this region.
Not just an outdoor farm, some production is also in a greenhouse with an area of almost 10,000 m², for a wide number of exclusive rose varieties, and sometimes those that are more sensitive to rain.

Today, the company occupies a total area of approximately 180,000 m², when you add the rose bushes that are reserved solely for Advent and Easter, and it employs around 30 people in the season.


This grower offers us a wide range of roses: hybrid roses, spray roses, and these in a wide variety of colours.


This grower’s range of cut roses is sold during flower auctions here in the Netherlands, and since 2011 also via the wholesale flower market in Düsseldorf; it guarantees a maximum shipping time of 24 hours from field to customer.


There is a shop in the production area, where private individuals can buy cut roses, flowers and even rose bushes directly, and there is also a 3,000 m² rose garden open to the public, home to some fifty rose varieties.


It all began in 1955 when the father Heinrich Ruland founded a nursery in Duisburg-Rahm, to which the first rose field was quickly added, and from where the first cut roses were harvested in the summer of 1955.
At the start of the 1960s, most of the sales at the nursery were stopped, and the cultivation of cut roses was developed.
In 1962, the first large production greenhouse was built, with an area of about 900 m².

In August 1994, after the death of the company’s founder Heinrich Ruland, the second generation took over the family company.
Since then, Werner Ruland has introduced new quality standards and a large number of new rose varieties in order to meet customer demand for new varieties and colours.

Varieties and colours that you’ll find in our offer and/or in our stock.


And since 2003, the entire outdoor rose area has been converted into an environmentally friendly farm.
The modern fleet of machines guarantee innovative measures in terms of fertilization and plant protection, in accordance with the latest environmental standards and guaranteeing the constant quality of their roses.

Furthermore, pests are combatted using insects in the greenhouse, proof that this grower wants to respect the environment in all of its production stages.


During the IGA 2017 [international garden exhibition] in Berlin, this grower won the overall gold medal from the German federal garden show [Deutsche Bundesgartenschau-Gesellschaft], and also 9 gold medals and 6 silver medals for different rose varieties.
Awards that showcase the quality of this grower’s work, and also of the high quality of its products.