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99%Natural & 100% Biodegradable KOKODAMA


Coconuts while waiting for summer…


The renewed range of KOKODAMA concepts is completely plastic-free, 99% natural and 100% biodegradable.

A KOKODAMA in the house means a source of natural energy. Excellent news at a time when the use of plastics is a growing social problem.

The KOKODAMA is a ball that is made by hand from coconut fibres.

The KOKODAMA is hand made in Sri Lanka, where the sale of KOKODAMA sustains the local economy.

With each KOKODAMA sold, part of the profits goes back to Sri Lanka, where it is spent on children’s education.


The brand-new concept from KOKODAMA is the Kokopot.

You’re used to seeing hanging KOKODAMA; this new item is not for hanging up, but for standing upright.

It reminds us of a real flowerpot, but made of coconut fibres the pot is 99% watertight and still completely biodegradable like all KOKODAMA products.

Products that can be found in our plant offer, so take advantage of this and have your clients benefit from this natural product.


Monique Ouwerling from KOKODAMA: “As nature lovers, we are happy to offer an alternative to the usual plastic pot, so that the plant and the pot together form a harmonious and organic set. »


The coconut has an undeniable vital power.

In fact, the coconut palm is one of the oldest trees on earth and is also known as the “Tree of Life”.

For centuries, it has provided humans with vital necessities. Food, drink, oil, shelter, clothing and wood; you can use everything from the coconut.


The coconut has KOKOPOWER!