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Aalsmeer Trade Fair


There was a lot of activity at the Aalsmeer Trade Fair, which took place last week.
No less than 20,000 people and over 50 countries came to the biggest floriculture trade fair in Europe.
The mood was positive, despite the energy crisis.


Visitors visibly appreciated being able to see each other and hold long conversations once again, without restrictions.
Indeed, the Covid-19 measures last year prevented many foreign visitors from coming.
With 663 exhibitors, the trade fair was bustling this year, and there was a feast for the eyes.


There were many beautiful things and much inspiration to be found during this event.
Magnificent stands allowed growers to showcase their products.
And some were already offering a glimpse of the future, with new assortments for example.
Discussions on products, concepts, trade, energy prices… every subject was tackled during this trade fair.


And also amongst the innovations demonstrated were the products from the Glazen Tulp Award finalists.
This annual prize rewarding the best market introduction will be awarded on Thursday, 15 December in the category of cut flowers, concepts, house plants and garden plants.