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Arend Roses – Varieties unavailable until relaunch in March


Over the last few months, gas prices have remained higher than ever, while for some producers, it is extremely difficult to cope and continue to produce.


Our grower, Arend Roses, has also had to take a major decision before braving the winter and unfortunately has opted to stop their production of roses over the coming months, which are the coldest of the year.


The last few weeks have been very uncertain for this grower, so they have decided to stop our production as of the end of November.
But not to panic, this isn’t final! In fact, they plan to restart their activities in March.
And over the coming months, they will put everything in place to maintain the quality of their harvest for the relaunch in March.



Consequently, the following varieties that you usually find in our offer will only be available once again as of March.
Avalanche – Avalanche pink – Talea – Love lace – Red Eagle & Black Baccara.