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David Austin Iconic Wedding Roses


Last week, buyers had the opportunity to meet the team from David Austin, the English Rose producer.
Consequently, we went to the Parfum Flower greenhouse in the outskirts of Aalsmeer.
A greenhouse that had been completely transformed in order to host the event and which highlighted the David Austin products.


The floral artist Katya Hutter worked for several days to produce floral creations and decorations, and as you can see below the results were breath-taking.



David Austin is a rose producer, but above all a grower specialising in roses for weddings, events and floral gifts.
The wedding season will begin shortly and so it is important for us to see the different varieties with our own eyes, in order to better advise you.
David Austin roses have everything you need to breathe life into your creative vision.
Their impressive flowers, their sophisticated colour palette and their delightful fragrances will propel your floral creations to new heights.



This family-run company has been producing roses for over seventy years, both garden rose bushes and also cut flowers.
Today, the company is run by the son of Mr Austin, David JC Austin, and his grandson, Richard.



The cut roses share the same heritage and the same exceptional quality as the garden roses.
However, they have been created especially for floristry, with long, straight stems and large flowers that perform magnificently in arrangements and bouquets.
The cut roses are grown in greenhouses, which means that, unlike garden roses, they flower all year round and are grown to effortlessly resist the demands and rigours of weddings and special floristry events while maintaining their beauty.



The traits of each of the sixteen “girls” (the roses) are inspiring, offering colour for every palette and a range of fragrances.
Well, in order to grow the jewels of the floral world, you need to join forces with the best, and that’s what David Austin has done.
Qualified producers, true craftspeople in their fields, nurturing the development of each rose by using the power of nature while adding years of experience and increasing expertise, which is the magic recipe.



Producers understand that every David Austin rose will be highlighted during the most prestigious or intimate of occasions, certainly celebrating the most poignant moments in life.
As a result, when growing their roses, the continuous aim is an unwavering search for perfection every day.



Here are a few creations made using David Austin roses; find the range from this grower in our offer.

However, for any special request, we would recommend you place the order in advance.
Please don’t hesitate either to contact us for more rose pictures in order to advise your clients and offer them the range from this champion producer.
Together, let’s make every event an unforgettable moment!