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Favourites of the season – Indoor Plants


This Autumn-Winter season, the “Traditional impression” style trend is giving way to nostalgia.
Warm rituals from the past come to sweeten our everyday lives.
And “forgotten” flowering plants are making a return to the centre stage in order to delight us.


Happiness is found in the details.
Just as in the combination of vintage, bygone and colourful flowering plants, to create a fascinating atmosphere.
Here are our indoor favourites of the season:


Saintpaulia, also known as the African violet, is an essential plant.
In the olden days, it would be found reigning supreme on our grandmothers’ tables.
Today, thanks to its retro side, it is making a strong comeback.


The kalanchoe produces beautiful leaves and flowers in almost every colour of the rainbow.
Even better, it requires practically no effort to look after it.
Most species can tolerate full sunshine; you can therefore arrange a row of several plants on a windowsill, for a particularly cheerful display.


Even though it’s not a flowering plant, the Fatsia japonica or Japanese Aralia, is eye-catching.
Its large palmate leaves are either solid green or a variegated green and creamy white.
But the plant hasn’t had the last word, as it also has purifying powers that help to remove pollution from the air inside the home.


You may not know it, but the begonia symbolizes balance.
And not only that! This multipurpose plant may also appeal to both flower and plant lovers.


Create your table with flowering plants from the Trends Collection: Kalanchoe, Begonia, Saintpaulia, etc.
A host of colourful facets that bring joy to interiors.