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FLOWERS FOR A GOOD MOOD IN THE MORNING – Start the day on the right foot!



Good news for those who sometimes get out of bed on the wrong side! A study by Harvard University into the benefits of flowers has proven that these are the perfect way to help us start the day right.


So, as flowers are our daily lives, we no longer have a reason to start off in a bad mood, but solely to draw on the good vibes from our beautiful products.


The Harvard research team filled participants’ homes with magnificent bunches of flowers.They then asked participants how they felt in the early morning.


All in all, the flowers allowed for starting the day in a more positive fashion, especially when placing beautiful bouquets in the rooms most used in the morning, such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.


Imagine sipping on your first coffee of the day in the company of a magnificent sunflower.


However, the effect is not limited to the morning; flowers give us a surge of positive energy all day long.
Or how to bring the joy of flowers into your everyday life!


In addition to promoting a good mood in the morning, flowers instantly embellish the environment in which they are placed and give a new burst of energy to your spirit.


Research shows that, just like the morning shot of coffee, flowers can also provide us with a small energy boost – and this, all day long! And if this still isn’t enough to put you in a good mood as soon as you wake, perhaps you need even more flowers!