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Grower Report – Skimmia & Antirrhinum




The warm burgundy skimmia of autumn will delight you.
Even though the official symbolism of the skimmia remains a mystery, the fact that it is resistant to the cold, evergreen and changes colour with the seasons shows us perseverance and a sense of style.


Our purchaser went to Boskoop to visit our producer Kuipers & Zonen.
This grower offers us a beautiful assortment of both natural and tinted skimmia.










Contrary to what its name evokes – dragon or dog flowers (Antirrhinum) – the snapdragon is in fact one of the nicest flowers.


With its long stem, exuberant flowers and tender colours, it is stunning in every bouquet and in order to extend the pleasure of working with this flower, as of this week, we will receive the production from Spain.


The arrivals will start with white, and other colours will then follow, to be found in our offer, of course.