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Happy Valentines Day


An intense joy that inspires romantic desire.
Happy memories that fill you with tenderness.
Seduction from the outset that makes your heart race.
A loyal friendship that offers you comfort.
Or an unconditional love that gives you wings…


Romantic, altruistic, mischievious, tender or affectionate, love takes many diverse forms that are all worthy of celebration.
If there’s one thing we always need, it’s more contentment, colour, love…Flowers!


We wish you all the best for this weekend in the run up to Saint Valentine’s Day as well as a Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


Stocks, or Matthiolas, know how to draw attention to themselves, with just a few stems.
Firstly by their fragrance, with its intense perfume, then visually with the abundance of rich colours.


Our buying team from Flowervision Birmingham visited our grower Erik van der Hoeven and it was a feast for the eyes, as the greenhouses were full of magnificent colours!


Discover the wide assortment of stocks in our offer every day and you too can enjoy these beautiful colours that bring us a touch of sunshine.

Furthermore, in China, they are known as “eternal beauty”! Stocks flower in multiple shades.
From white to yellow, pink and red, by way of violet and a lavender shade of purple.


At the end of a period of stress and social distancing, it is now time to relax, get together and enjoy all the tranquillity of life both indoors and out.


In March 2022, the general public websites Lajoiedesfleurs.fr and Maplantemonbonheur.fr will launch the Spring/Summer 2022 Trend Collection that is centred around the “Bright and Breezy” trend.


The name “Bright and Breezy” says it all: the flowers and plants that await you are rich in colour, bright and with a festive look.
This collection is distinguished by joyful shapes, powerful pastel shades, optimistic designs and practical materials with a pretty look.


A collection that is overflowing with flowers, indoor and garden plants, the colours, shapes and textures of which create a beautiful ensemble, and which are fully in line with the current interior design, fashion and lifestyle trends.

So, stay connected over the coming weeks to follow this trend and you will also have a spring and summer that is bright and breezy!!