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Instant Good Mood


Between the cold, the sleet and the everyday challenges, the winter blues can make themselves felt.
Happily, nature has more than one trick up her sleeve to brighten our hearts and our interiors, throughout the season.
Fresh, bright and colourful, flowers warm the atmosphere and instantly put you in a good mood.
So here’s our selection of seasonal flowers to chase the blues away, colour your store and put your customers in a good mood.
Of course, these flowers can be found in our daily offer. It is time to bring colour to 2022!
Tulips: with more than 3000 varieties, tulips make you smile again as soon as you see them.
The chrysanthemum with its rich colour and warm petals; this flower is worth its weight in gold.
A symbol of health and happiness, it provides an abundance of positive energy.
The agave, with its collection of small, star-shaped flowers also stuns us with its intoxicating fragrances with notes of jasmine and honey.
A symbol of creativity and pleasure, this perfumed flower gives your creative mood new momentum.
Solidago makes the sun shine indoors, in the middle of winter.
A symbol of happiness, success, honesty and moral support, the flower (a golden yellow, honey yellow, canary yellow, ochre or lemon yellow) is an effective ingredient in combatting the winter blues.
Alone or in a mixed bouquet, the flower and its remarkable petals awaken the romantic soul sleeping in each of us.
The Alstroemeria [Peruvian lily] is a flower with a surprisingly long life, and one full of symbolism: its petals represent humour, understanding, patience, empathy, determination and respect .
Even in a single-colour bouquet and without any other flowers added, the petals of the alstroemeria are enough to put a smile on your face.
The Amaryllis: an exotic flower that also revives hearts with its symbolism representing loyalty, friendship and affection.
The (orange) rose, a timeless symbol of love, beauty and balance; this flower with a multitude of varieties offers a wide choice of colours and shapes.
In orange, the queen of flowers evokes fire, citrus fruit and sunsets.
And it is important to have colour around us as Monday, 17 January is Blue Monday…
Blue Monday being the name given to the most depressing day of the year.
So no despair, just colour, joy and a good mood surrounded by beautiful flowers!!