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It’s time for tulips


Happily, this weekend, or more specifically this Saturday (15 January) we have another event that will bring us colour and delight!!
This is the 11th edition of National Tulip Day!
So it’s time to officially celebrate the beginning of the (cut) tulip season.

Unfortunately, Tulip Promotion Netherlands (TPN) has decided not to build a pick your own garden on Dam Square in Amsterdam like in 2021, due to the current pandemic.
But not to worry!
The start of the tulip season will be celebrated in a different and festive way.

Every year, National Tulip Day focuses on a specific theme.
This year, the theme is “Share Happiness”.

And not for nothing!
Tulips put a smile on everyone’s face.
This is why they say a bunch of tulips is a guarantee of cheerfulness. And this cheerfulness is shared when you give pleasure to someone else with a tulip bouquet.

You can find out more about this event on social media.
Share your happiness and your love of tulips!
You can do this via Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #tulpentijd #tuliptime #mooiwatbloemendoen.