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Lilac & Clematis


What’s going on with the weather? After several weeks of beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures in the Netherlands, cold days and snow have now put in an appearance.


A climate change that has a lot of influence on purchases and prices, for both flowers and plants.
The gardens were ready to make a beautiful statement in this early spring, but in the end the cold has stopped this enthusiasm, which has caused plant prices to fall this week.
We therefore hope that the coming days and week will see temperatures stabilizing.


Just like spring, Easter is synonymous with renewal, as are the buds and flowers that are reappearing on the branches of long-bare trees.
So, for a resolutely vernal Easter, give the starring roles to flowers and plants, for a warm atmosphere in the home and a breath of fresh air.


We would like to remind you that we will be closed on Easter Monday (April 18), so no goods will be shipped.

If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales rep.




Lilac Production


Head for Marcel Groeneveld’s greenhouses to discover his lilac productions in this early springtime.
Our buyer, Bas, went to Aalsmeer to our grower’s grounds.


90% of the lilacs are grown in this region and on the Westeinderplas islands in Aalsmeer; in fact, the soil in these islands is mainly peat, which is an optimum soil for lilacs.
Because peat soils are cloddy, the lilac bushes don’t dry out.


Find beautiful lilacs from this grower in our offer every day, in a selection of varieties and colours.






Marginpar is supporting ‘Love not War’ by changing the name of one of its best-known products.
Deeply concerned by the war in the Ukraine, where the whole country is going through a hard time, and where even the capital, Kyiv, one of the oldest cities in eastern Europe, is being destroyed, the supplier/importer/grower Marginpar also wanted to provide its support to the Ukraine in its own way.


So, in tribute to the brave citizens, Marginpar, in agreement with the breeder J. Van Zoest, officially changed the name of the Amazing Clematis to the Amazing Kyiv Clematis.
Consequently, if you no longer see the Amazing name, don’t worry, the flower is the same, but it is now the Amazing Kyiv.


In addition to this name change, for a period of two weeks from March 22 to April 5, all the proceeds from sales of the Amazing Kyiv Clematis were donated to the (Dutch) charity Giro 555 for humanitarian aid in the Ukraine and neighbouring countries.


Marginpar thus raised a large amount to support the organizations helping refugees with food, water, clothing, medicines, shelter and psychological support. Kudos to them for their action.


A change of name, but also of creations! Have you seen the new and very first two-tone clematis from Margingpar yet? ! After the introduction of Vienna, the first white cut clematis, they have added a new member to the Amazing family: Sevilla.


Every stem comprises four tulip-shaped flowers in a creamy-white colour on the inside and a burgundy-pink on the outside of their petals.
These two shades are unique in the cut clematis family.


In addition to its exceptional shape and colour, its flowers have a different look.
Where the initial varieties resemble a soft and delicate paper, Amazing Sevilla Clematis is firmer and more intense.