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On Trend & Seasonal Plants


This season, nature is enveloping us in its positive energy: a colourful floral cocoon, which creates a carefree and joyful holiday atmosphere.
It’s “Fresh & Colourful”, a style trend in which plants offer us a hopeful feeling of freedom: insouciance and holidays – the impression that anything is possible.


Every nook and cranny of the house (inside and out) sees itself blossom with abundantly flowering plants or specimens with mixed and colourful decorative foliage, to create and offer a little corner of paradise.


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Trendy and seasonal plants that will bring lightness and colour as spring begins.
And if there were a plant that immediately evokes lightness, holidays and a carefree atmosphere, it’s the bougainvillea with its clouds of colourful flowers.


A flowering plant that consequently fits perfectly with current trends.
There is also broom, with its bountiful foliage and bright yellow flowers that give the extraordinary feeling of it being summer… In the springtime! And many, many more…