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Ovata – Producer Of Succulents


In the summer, with the intense heat, when we talk about plants, we think of cacti and succulent plants.


These succulent plants are a fascinating group of vegetation that has developed special adaptations to survive in arid and dry environments.

They are characterised by their fleshy and thick leaves, which allow them to store large amounts of water.

These unique adaptations give them a distinct appearance and beauty, making succulents a popular choice.

So, to learn more about these plants, we went with our buyer to the producer Ovata.

We toured the greenhouses with Bob, who detailed the production process.


Ovata is a modern company specialised in the production of succulents, also known as succulent plants by the ge    neral public.


In total, 8 hectares of greenhouses are used for automated cultivation, thanks to the help of robots and modern techniques.
Potted plants are marketed under the SuPure® brand and distributed to customers throughout Europe.


The assortment offered by this producer includes 9 families, from 5.5 cm pots to 20 cm cuttings, and more than 13,000,000 plants are produced each year.


Ambitious, innovative, and sustainable, these are the terms that well describe the Ovata family business.
This is reflected in a constantly renewed range of high-quality succulents, and an extremely modern production method.
Whether it’s water with internal natural treatment or greenhouse heating, this company stands out for its commitment to developing in an environmentally friendly manner.


Additionally, since 1997, Ovata has been MPS certified and continues to evolve by accumulating certifications.


What we take away from this visit is that the Ovata producer is above all a company that works with passion, respecting nature and people.