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Full of the joys of spring and the summer that’s arriving…


Peony celebrates in May and June.

It can be found everywhere.

It’s large, ball-shaped flower makes spring radiate in every vase.


With the peony, waiting until summer arrives makes perfect sense! Happily, for those who fall under the peony’s spell: there are over a thousand varieties, in all sorts of shapes – with a single row of petals or multiples – and in a very wide colour palette: from pale yellow to dark red, via white and candy pink.


Our purchaser, went to one of our growers, Groot & Groot Peonies in Andijk in the north of the Netherlands, to discover the producer’s varieties and tour the farm.
A production site that extends over kilometres of fields completely filled with flowers at this time of year.
Even though the flowers are closed in the fields, we imagine the imposing size of the peonies when we see the size of the buds on the stems and in our hands.
During our visit, the employees were busy picking the day’s flower harvest by hand.



Groot & Groot Peonies is a Dutch family-run business that grows, transforms and directly sells the highest quality peony flowers and cuttings.
Most of their peonies are grown on their farms in the Netherlands, but also in Italy, France and South Africa.



This way, they can deliver the best fresh peonies directly from their farm fields in relatively large quantities.
This grower supplies us with a wide peony range, in various colours, with or without fragrance, and double or single petals; something to fulfil all our requirements.


You can find peonies from this producer in our daily offer.