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Preparing for Saint Valentine’s Day


We hope that you have had an enjoyable festive period and that these were in line with your expectations.
It is time to get back into the swing of things, now the Christmas decorations are put away, the New Year’s resolutions made and the holidays at an end. It’s mid-January already!
The start of the year was a quiet one for most of Europe, as the first two weeks of January are the most restful every year, but sales have continued in Eastern Europe as the festivities are always at a different time. Furthermore, the anti-Covid rules and measures are still clearly present in many European countries, like here in the Netherlands, where the stores remain closed since mid-December.
So, we’re preparing for Saint Valentine’s Day and the springtime.
And this year, Saint Valentine’s Day promises to be unusual…
In fact, the increase in gas prices is forcing our producers to apply new prices.
Some are no longer heating all their greenhouses in order to reduce costs, some are implementing other means, and others who have unfortunately been unable to cope have had to stop production permanently.
Added to all this is the increase in freight costs…
So the products coming from far away, and we immediately think of Ecuador and Colombia, are also subject to an increase.
A sad state of affairs of which we are all victims, regardless of the sector in which we work, and which has impacted private and professional lives over the last couple of years when much has changed.
However, at Flowervision Birmingham, there is no question of enduring these changes, but rather of adapting to them despite everything; this is why we work assiduously every day in order to offer you the best possible products.
And as a team we are ensuring the preparations for Saint Valentine’s Day run smoothly, so as to offer you the best possible deals and products.
You can already find the offers and/or contact your sales representative for further information on this celebration.
With our experience and the resources given to us, we are ready to start this new year at your side, offering you the best service, and we are ready to tackle the challenges set.