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Sunflowers & Dianthus



June: create an ocean of sunflowers


Here we are, June has arrived, time is speeding past and we’re already in the summer months.
So what better than to herald this new season and the sunshine than beautiful sunflowers to brighten up interiors.
The Helianthus (sunflower) has much to offer thanks to its wide palette; it exists in classic yellow, but also in dark red, from very tiny flowers to XXL formats.
The Helianthus is therefore perfect for celebrating the richness of summer.
And on 21 June, the longest day of the year, transform your shop into an ocean of sunflowers.




Head for beautiful greenhouses, full of colour and Divine Flowers products.
The perfect time of the year to see peak production.
Divine Flowers is a cooperation that began in 2017 between two carnation growers, Martin Zwinkels and Nieuwland.


Divine Flowers stands out on the market due to superior quality and reliability, and also to a long product lifespan in the vase.
The specific feature is that they are able to deliver a very wide range of carnations, as they can spread the cultivars between the two companies.


The Martin Zwinkels carnation nursery was founded by the father of Martin Zwinkels in 1964.
He started growing carnations on Barreveldslaan in Honselersdijk.
Martin Zwinkels Jr. took over his father’s company in 1994, and in 2004 the Barreveldslaan greenhouse was replaced by a modern, 13,000 m² complex on Sprongenloet.


The Nieuwland flower farm was founded in 2001.
It is a collaboration between Ed Toussaint and Chris Doelman, who, before joining forces in this farm, had their own nurseries for several years.
The nursery is located on Nieuwlandse Polderweg in the Hook of Holland.
The company has a greenhouse area of 28,000 m².


Divine Flowers strives to serve its clients in the best way possible.
Good contacts, short delivery lead times and well-thought-out logistics are important conditions.
Their aim is to continually surprise their clients with innovative products, while complying with the extremely strict quality standards in their nurseries.
Products perfect for all sorts of creations, requests or events, find the beautiful dianthus [Pinks] from Divine Flowers in our range.


Did you know?
The name Dianthus comes from the Greek words Dios (“of Zeus”) and Anthos (“flower”), and was cited by the Greek botanist Theophrastus.
And the origin of the name Dianthus was the reason the company was given the name Divine Flowers.