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The Equinox Collection


Surrealistic depictions of familiar objects, scenes, and characters, each in motion and growing flowers.
GRIF is an award-winning multidisciplinary visual artist and director, his studio and art practice is located in New York City.


The Equinox Collection presents surrealist depictions of familiar objects, scenes, and characters, each in motion.
As an invisible catalyst moves through each artwork, – a transfer of natural energy causes the subjects and environments to be pollinated with blooming nature.


Each composition is overtaken and consumed, ultimately re-imagined as expansive floral tapestries.

Each artwork concludes as a juxtaposition of the subject’s relationship with nature, somewhat ignorant yet seemingly no match for the godly power nature wields, and is often shy to remind us of.


Moreover, as we progress further to a purely digital lifestyle, the works double as a hyper-real reminder of the coexistence of artificial objects and nature, and how even the escapism of online life may need to be escaped.


The symbolism of flowers elicits feelings of energy, optimism, timelessness, and curiosity.


Some of the pieces have been seen by the public already and met with viral success, racking up millions of organic impressions on social media.