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Which flower would you choose to crown queen of summer?


Which flower would you choose to crown queen of summer?
Without doubt, the majestic sunflower! Who, like us, will also have followed the sun all summer long?


In summer, we think of the sun, and also of colour!! And for that, the gladiolus tops the list.
There are some 260 varieties in symbolic variants and with diverse uses.
Gladioli are symbols of victory, admiration, pride, power and beauty.
For a touch of fragrance, straight away we think of lathyrus.
It has an abundance of flowers in several colours, so there’s something for everyone.


The magnificent allium bulbs are a perfect echo of this season when everything is radiant.
As for the delphinium, this puts everyone in a good mood.
On long stems, its countless flowers are a host of little bells that spread joy.
For bees and butterflies, finding a delphinium equates to a successful day!


In summer, campanula is a clear choice.
Summer really is the time when we see it everywhere, not just as a plant, but also as cut flowers!


And don’t forget the Cockscomb (celosia cristata); simply mix it with other flowers in a bouquet and straight away you’ll have an original and elegant ensemble.


It’s difficult to choose!!! In any case, we hope you’ve had a great summer and that you’re ready for the return to work and school.